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About Paul Beauchemin

In Sam's NYC Condo


The oldest of eight children, Paul was released from the shackles of a mental prison and went on to build a large talent stack: plumbing, electrical, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, chemical engineering and statistics to name a few. He has no credentials from an Ivy League school but he has developed a much greater skill than can be taught in a classroom: the ability to create the stories that drive his life.

Paul and his wife, Jinna, and their old dog are full-time adventurers. He has cycled up Pikes Peak, RV’d over most of Canada, Alaska, and the lower forty-eight. He’s the father to many adopted children. He’s worked on dozens of unique scientific discoveries and even has a few patents with his name on them.

Reboot distills decades of investigative work into how the mind works and how anyone can get the life they really want.